Preparing for Bamboo 10.0 - May update

As we’ve communicated in February, we’re working on Bamboo 10.0 Data Center platform release: Preparing for Bamboo 10.0
Here’s the latest update on our progress:

  • Bamboo 10.0 will include dark theme. We’ll follow the steps of Bitbucket DC and implement dark theme with the help of design tokens. Please find more information about how to support dark theme in your app here: Prepare your Data Center app for the dark theme
  • Bamboo 10.0 EAP will be available in June (and not in May as planned before). We’re still working on adoption of Platform 7: Prepare your Data Center app for Platform 7
    We’ll share EAP as soon as it’s ready. There will be just one EAP for Bamboo 10.0 including all the breaking changes (dark theme included). Bamboo 10.0 GA will happen no sooner than 6 weeks after the publication of EAP.


The Bamboo team

EDIT: Time period between EAP and GA extended to 6 weeks.


Hi @MartynaWojtas and thank you for announcing an update. Like @rlander already did with the Bitbucket EAP, I’d like to highlight to you that you are giving us a very short timeline for adoption of such a disruptive release if you actually intend GA within 4 weeks. Like the Bitbucket team, the Bamboo team has not published anything updates regarding platform 7 after the initial announcement in February, and we were previously not aware of the intended timeline being just ~4 weeks. This seems way more rushed than the previous estimate for release, that was set to “Q2 or Q3”, which has the flexibility to extend all the way to September…

The Confluence team began their EAP communication in January, and the thread is now at more than 250 replies, which should give you an idea of how complicated these changes are for plugins. Vendors have 5+ months working on Confluence 9 compatibility.

Also like was just asked of the Bitbucket team, could you kindly publish a full list of removed Atlassian package exports and a list 3rd party package exports in Bamboo 10.0? We have seen differences in the definition of Grey API for the different products adopting platform 7.

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Thank you very much for the feedback @EliasBrattliSorensen! What adoption timeline (EAP > GA) would you suggest in this case that would be feasible for you but also realistic for us to act upon? I will check if we can postpone the GA. I can only speak on behalf of Bamboo but will definitely pass your feedback to other DC products. I also think that the choice between a single EAP with all changes and multiple EAPs with iterations is not straightforward and differs from team to team based on specific workflows and team capacity etc, because we’ve recived feedback from some partners that the multiple EAPs that Confluence has released were ‘useless’ as they didn’t contain all the changes. This is why we didn’t change our initial decision of releasing just one EAP.
As for the requested list of changes - I’ll check with the dev team and get back to you at the beginning of next week with what we have.

As I also mentioned in the Bitbucket announcement, the issue is mostly with the fact that there is not much time between the EAP and intended GA. Regardless of how many EAPs you ship, if you want apps to be compatible at the same time of GA or within a reasonable timeframe (2 weeks after GA?), you will need to give us more time, especially if this falls near summer vacations (jun-aug, aka mid-2024)

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If you quote this, remember that I can only speak for myself (and my team), and any timeline I suggest would probably not satisfy every vendor.

To firstly stay within Atlassian’s general time frame, I would expand the time from EAP to GA to at least 3 months. Testing compatibility takes time, especially factoring in the back-and-forth feedback rounds that are bound to come when breaking APIs. In other words, if you aimed for end of September or October, I believe that’s the shortest timeline that would be feasible for my team (though it still feels like a rush). This should also be realistic for Atlassian since it’s in range with what was posted earlier (roughly Q2-Q3). However, it will most likely still not be enough time for very large apps. Like mentioned, vendors have spent 5+ months on Confluence 9 compatibility, and are not yet done.

Secondly, diverting from Atlassian’s time frame, I’d also like it on the record I find the entire Platform 7 launch way too rushed for such breaking and disruptive changes. A more reasonable (and safer) timeline would be to aim for at least one year from P7 EAP to a flexible GA date, instead of today’s roughly less than half-year goal. I would also have liked a coordinated release train between Data Center teams ensuring that none of the platform 7 migrating releases occur at the same time. We offer apps for Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket and Bamboo, and for us it would be best if there is time to release and troubleshoot for only one product at a time, before having to deal with the next one.

In the end, it’s our common customers that will suffer the most from this rush. In addition to their third party plugins breaking and not yet offering compatibility, customers will also experience that their own in-house plugins break down.

Closing thoughts: Atlassian announced in the initial post that Platform 7 is introduced to improve their security posture. Let me tell you what software written in a rush often leads to – Security vulnerabilities.


Hi @MartynaWojtas;

Do you have any updates? For reference, Bitbucket have pushed their GA date four weeks, to no earlier than July 23.
I would greatly appreciate it if Bamboo made sure to not release on the same date (or week) as Bitbucket, since many of us have integrations across all products, and it is stretching our bandwidth when we have to test and release compatibility for several products simultaneously.

@EliasBrattliSorensen @remie thank you very much for the extensive feedback! I’ve passed it to all the DC product teams, so we could learn from this experience and work on improving it for the next platform release. We hear you that you need more time for testing compatibility and assuring the quality. The best we can do in this particular situation is to extend the time to 6 weeks between EAP and GA. We plan to release the EAP in the last week of June, so the GA would happen mid-August. We will also make sure not to release on the same day / week as Bitbucket. Bamboo Enterprise customers, who use the most of Bamboo DC apps, prefer to upgrade to LTS releases, so in our assessment the risk of customers experiencing issues with incompatible Bamboo apps short time after GA is low.

Hi @MartynaWojtas,

Thank you for posting this update. This greatly helps in our planning of our testing plans for the summer. While six weeks is still short, I appreciate that you extended your timeline for us.

I would still strongly advise a longer period so you can collect error feedback from partners, if you’re able to persuade management for more time. I would bring them this argument: You are running a high risk of a high number of compatibility issues remaining undiscovered during the EAP period upon GA launch. Partners are going to have their hands full testing other platform 7 applications, fixing compatibility issues with the soon-to-be-released Confluence, on top of having reduced team capacity due to summer vacations. While the result of such a process may not lead to many broken installations full of incompatible apps, because most of the customers are waiting, it will still be a Bamboo version without many (if any) compatible apps. This will prevent customers from upgrading anyways, even if they would like to upgrade early. Like I mentioned earlier, I don’t see how rushing this stuff will be to the benefit of anyone.

On another note: are you still able to offer an up-front complete list of removed grey API packages; Atlassian osgi exports and removed 3rd party exports?

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@MartynaWojtas thank you for extending the deadline.

Like @EliasBrattliSorensen, I also think that it is better to take more time, especially because the EAP feedback will have to be incorporated (probably resulting in another EAP).

I’m currently reading 6 weeks between EAP and GA as meaning that you will release 6 weeks after the first EAP. Would it be possible to adjust this policy to 6 weeks after the last EAP?

Otherwise, we might end up with a “final” EAP 2 days prior to GA that includes fixes based on partner feedback without giving us the ability to confirm.

With regard to this statement: what does short time after GA mean to you, and how do you know that partners will adhere to that assumption? Because given that we also have Jira, Confluence & Bitbucket releases and that Bamboo is a relatively small market, I would not be surprised if compatibility will take ~6 months (esp. if we do not have enough time to find issues in the EAP)


Bamboo Enterprise customers, who use the most of Bamboo DC apps, prefer to upgrade to LTS releases, so in our assessment the risk of customers experiencing issues with incompatible Bamboo apps short time after GA is low.

I disagree with this narrative. Yes it will be a slow burn of upgrades, with many customers remaining on an LTS.

That doesn’t change the fact that a significant cohort of customers will upgrade almost immediately, we see this every major release for our apps, we track the version adoption over time.

Any customers that make that move will be stuck with an instance that doesn’t function, as apps are not ready.

For a major release where the platform was ripped up on the spot, a 6 week window to get apps ready is not enough time.

Atlassian can say platform 7 is done and shipped, great for OKRs internally, but in reality the work is far from complete til the app ecosystem catches up, customers will suffer.