Preparing for Bamboo 10.0

We are excited to share our plans for the upcoming Bamboo 10.0 Data Center platform release. As a reminder, a platform release often includes multiple breaking changes that establish the foundation for continued improvement in future 10.x feature releases.

Bamboo 10.0 primarily aims to reduce the number of exposed dependencies, enabling a timely and efficient resolution of security issues. Additionally, it involves upgrading the Bamboo technology stack by uplifting dependencies and transitioning to Java 17. Please note that as the development of the release is underway, the specifics of breaking changes will evolve.

Predicted scope of breaking changes

This is our best estimate of areas with breaking changes at this point. Our Early Access Program release (EAP) will contain the scope of breaking changes in Bamboo 10.0 along with supporting documentation with more details and specifics. Several platform and security upgrades are planned for Bamboo 10.0.

Platform 7 upgrade

Bamboo 10.0 will mainly focus on upgrading to the new Atlassian DC Platform 7.

For more information on the changes in Data Center Platform 7.0 visit → Prepare your Data Center app for Platform 7

Supported platform changes

With this release, Bamboo will use OpenJDK 17 as the default. Support for JDK 11 will be removed.

Test with EAP releases

Early Access Program releases are designed to provide visibility and an opportunity to develop against the changes of the upcoming platform release. We plan to release the EAP in May 2024.

We’ll communicate ahead of the following EAP release and do our best to include most of the planned breaking changes as early as possible to give you enough time to schedule changes to your app before the official Bamboo 10.0 release.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We know that a platform release can provide many unknowns. Here are some questions we wanted to address with our current information.

When will Bamboo 10.0 arrive?

We can’t provide an exact date, but our current target to release Bamboo 10.0 is Q2 or Q3-2024.

Will there be additional resources to help us prepare?

Yes! In coordination with the EAP programs, we will provide more detail about breaking changes and the technical scope of Bamboo 10.0. We will also have technical documentation on detail how to adopt the changes to Bamboo. We’ll be publishing all the documentation on the EAP page.

Will there be breaking changes to Bamboo’s APIs?

Yes, and we are still working on the full scope of breaking changes to the REST API or Java API. As those breaking changes are scoped, we will add more detail to the EAP page in the future.

Are there any restrictions on who has access to the EAP builds of Bamboo 10.0?

No, there will not be any restrictions. The EAP is open to everyone.

We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback.


The Bamboo team