Reminder: We will stop accepting new server app submissions from May 1; exceptions to be made for Bamboo and Crowd

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As per our earlier communication, we will stop accepting new server app submissions for the Atlassian Marketplace, starting May 1, 2021 PT. However, we will be making an exception for Bamboo Server and Crowd Server apps, which can continue to be submitted for listing.

What is changing?

We are yet to confirm an exact date for launch of the Data Center Apps Program for Bamboo and Crowd. We will continue to accept server apps for these products until a date is confirmed , at which point we will provide at least three months’ notice to the community of the submission deadline for new Bamboo server and Crowd server apps.

How will I submit a Data Center app after May 1, 2021?

The steps to upload a Data Center app remain the same as before. You can refer to this guide- Submitting your Data Center app to Atlassian Marketplace for more details. However, your Data Center app will no longer require a published server app to be listed on Marketplace and can be listed as a DC only listing now on Marketplace.

What other dates, related to Atlassian’s server end of sale decision, should I be aware of?

Starting February 2, 2022 PT , customers won’t be able to upgrade or downgrade user tiers for their server products or apps.

Existing server customers will be able to continue purchasing new server apps until February 2, 2023 PT. Any annual app renewals in the final year will be prorated with an end date of February 2, 2024 PT to match the server product(s) end of support date.

For example, if a server app customer has an annual renewal date of September 2, 2023, they will be able to pay for five months’ of maintenance at that point in time, ending on February, 2 2024 .

Data Center apps are unaffected and not part of this change. Data Center remains an important part Atlassian’s subscription business for customers who can’t adopt Atlassian’s cloud offering.

You can find more information in the dedicated FAQs in the Partner Portal here (requires special access) or in CDAC/DAC.

Note: Atlassian reserves the right to make exceptions to the ‘no new server app listings’ rule; for example, if a server app listing is required to directly support a server to cloud app data migration.


@DimpleJain Is this also true for existing DC customers? We have more than one customer who has been running our Server app in their DC deployment. However, we now have one DC evaluator who says creating a new eval license for our Server app fails. I am wondering if this is related to the end of Server sales?

Is it correct, that I still can provide new versions of an server app existing already on the Marketplace?

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@tbinna The changes are yet to take effect and will only be implemented May 1st onwards. However, this should not affect evaluations for already listed apps on Marketplace whether it is on server or DC instance.
Do you have any support ticket logged that shares more details on the customer instance?

@Holger Yes, you can still provide new versions of an app that already has a public listing on Marketplace. However, you cannot list public versions of an app that is privately listed after May 1st.

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@DimpleJain I do not, but I have now opened AMKTHELP-30523

@DimpleJain ,

Just to be sure, if I submit a new free app before May 1st, this App will eventually be approved for server right? The condition is that it is submitted to be public?


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