End of new server sales: resources and support for the ecosystem

UPDATE: See this post for instructions on how to obtain a server starter license for development purposes after February 2, 2021.

Hi developer community,

As we recently announced, we’re committed to delivering the best possible cloud experience for every single one of our customers. Because we believe that cloud will be the primary destination for the majority of our customers, we’re simplifying our self-managed offerings. Atlassian will stop selling new server licenses effective February 2, 2021 (PT). Server customers can continue to purchase new server app licenses until February 2023, and purchase and receive maintenance until Feb 2024.

While we are not changing our external facing 30-day refund policy for new server app customers, we do expect there to be a small increase in refund approvals that fall outside this policy timing. If a customer requests a refund under the following conditions, your monthly remittance will not be reduced by such refunds.

Conditions for no remittance change to Marketplace Partners (all must be met):

  • The customer purchased the server app in the 90 days leading up to the Server EOL public announcement date (October 16, 2020 PT)
  • The refund request is made by the customer from the 31st to 90th day post purchase date
  • ‘Server end of sale’ or ‘server end of support’ are the specific named reasons for the refund request
  • The customer does not wish to obtain credit towards a cloud or Data Center version of the app

In simple terms - because it’s out of the usual refund policy you agreed to as part of the Marketplace Partner Agreement, Atlassian will cover the cost, and ensure you are not out of pocket for such refunds.

We know this is a big decision, and it will likely impact the future of the apps you have built. To that end, we are doing everything we can to help you through this transition. Below are some of the resources that are available right now, and more are coming.


First, here is some context on this decision as discussed by Co-CEO Mike Cannon-Brookes, CTO Sri Viswanath, Head of Ecosystem Martin Suntinger, and Head of Marketplace Programs Warren Chen:

You’ll probably have questions about timelines, cloud product extensibility, and more. We’ve got that covered in this guide on developer.atlassian.com. More content will be coming to this section over time.

For our Marketplace Partners with paid via Atlassian apps, we have put together a resource hub in the Partner Portal. These resources go into more specifics about the business implications of this change. (Access to the Partner Portal is an exclusive benefit of the Marketplace Partner Program.)

Where to go for support if these resources don’t address your concern

After reviewing these resources, we ask all developers with access to the Partner Portal to please leave any outstanding business-related questions or comments on the resources in the Partner Portal, not here in the online developer community.

If you don’t have access to the Partner Portal (i.e. you don’t have paid via Atlassian apps), or your question is technical in nature (e.g. related to how to build cloud apps), you can post it here in the online developer community. Please use the tag server-eos on your post to help us triage it faster.

We hope these resources are helpful to you in the short term. We know there is a lot more that you will need to be successful in the long term, and we are working on it. For example, we are working on a program similar to the DC Apps Program for supporting apps in large enterprise cloud instances of our products. Stay tuned for more information on this.

Here’s to building the future in the cloud for all our mutual customers!


Thanks for those details @kmorales. Not sure if it is only me but I wanted to highlight that the voice in the Vimeo video linked above seems to be quite out of sync. Not sure if this can be fixed or if it’s an issue with the recording.


Thanks for sharing. We have mainly Bitbucket (Server) apps. What is the migration path for licensed Bitbucket cloud apps?


+1. Last time I asked about this we got informed that Paid via Atlassian for Bitbucket cloud will not happen within 12 months, but Paid via Vendor will happen within 12 months.

Would be great if this could at least be put on some roadmap.



Hmm, the video/audio is in sync when I watch it… :woman_shrugging: Is it any different when it’s embedded? https://blog.developer.atlassian.com/end-of-new-server-sales-resources-and-support-for-the-ecosystem/

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Nope, still out of sync for me in the embedded version, though the desync only starts after the Martin Suntinger introduction, i.e. with the recorded call within.

(EDIT: Written as reply to @kmorales reply to @tbinna , but it seems that reply to reply threading is still/again broken here?)


Ah, now I see it… Thanks @tbinna and @hopel, let me look into this.


The issue seemed to be with Vimeo, so we uploaded it to YouTube. There is a glitch in the last 20 seconds of the video (:woman_facepalming:) but other than that it should be much better. Thanks for pointing it out @tbinna and @hopel!


It says the video is unavailable… Could you check the link/video permissions Katrina? @kmorales

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Thank you!

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As @jan mentioned, the status of paid Bitbucket cloud apps remains unchanged. Our commerce roadmap includes highly requested capabilities like flexible pricing for higher user tiers and cloud app discount codes, which are the priority for the coming months. The team will be considering Bitbucket paid cloud apps in the future, but it is not currently prioritized.

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Hey @kmorales. 5 months have passed and the sales of Bitbucket Server has been shutdown. Do we still have any idea on the timeline for Bitbucket Cloud apps Paid via Atlassian? It’s a bit tricky to motivate porting applications to cloud as it currently means removing all income.