RFC-36: Live-Edit Pages in Confluence Cloud

Hi @DavidMichelson:

  1. Can we assume that web-panels associated with atl.general will still work?
  2. Content bylines (contentBylineItems modules) are not mentioned above, although they exist on the view page but not edit. What is the plan for EAP and for GA?

Can I ask why this new work is being implemented on the deprecated V.1 API and not implemented for the V.2 API? The latter has already been in production for a year.

Atlassian has been asking all developers to move to V.2 for a long time (via a series of pushed-back deadlines), yet it seems like Atlassian itself is not moving to V.2 internally.

This seems now like a trend rather than an isolated incident (we’ve seen the same issue with the launch of whiteboards, databases, and now this), so I ask: is there some sort of culture shift or internal messaging that needs to happen within Atlassian to put V.2 first?