RFC-48: The default theme setting in Confluence Data Center

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Summary of Project:

Hi everyone,

As previously shared, Confluence Data Center will soon join the ranks of other Atlassian products by adopting user-driven theming enabled by the Atlassian Design System and its design tokens. Users will be able to choose between light or dark theme as their preferred interface to help them better focus on their screen, reduce eye strain, and improve contrast for better accessibility. You can read more about the benefits of dark theme in our earlier announcement.

Here are the milestones for you to provide feedback directly here on the RFC.

  • Publish: 29 April 2024
  • Discuss: 13 May 2024
  • Resolve: 27 May 2024


Dark theme is a highly-voted feature by customers, and to achieve the best experience for all users, we need your support. Adopting design tokens in your apps is key to this and will ensure that colors are reflected correctly everywhere in Confluence.

NOTE: To learn about how to prepare your apps for dark theme, see Dark theme EAP in Confluence Data Center.

Once dark theme is released in Confluence 9.0, users will be able to choose between Light, Dark, and Match System (derived from the device) theme options.

In Confluence 9.0, users will also be able to select Original theme - the current view of Confluence. Original theme is a transitional measure that customers may want to continue using until the apps they use have adopted the new design tokens. We chose Light theme as the default theme users will experience in Confluence 9.0 to help ensure a good experience when they view apps that don’t yet support dark theme.

Screenshot 2024-04-29 at 5.26.26 PM

Once we’re confident that your apps have no issues adopting the new light and dark themes, we intend to remove Original theme and change the default theme from Light theme to Match System to optimally support user preferences.

The aim of this RFC is to understand whether you’ll be ready for the removal of original theme and the change of the default to Match System in Confluence 9.1. With the goal of ensuring a consistent user experience, we’re keen to hear how you’re progressing with adopting dark theme in your apps.

Proposed Solution

We propose the following changes as part of Confluence 9.1, which is planned for release in Q3 2024:

  • Remove Original theme
  • Change the default theme from Light theme to Match System


We want to ensure our approach works for you and your apps. Here’s how community members can help:

  • Take the time to read the above information and ask questions.
  • Let us know your feedback on the readiness of your apps for dark theme. We ask that all comments be added by 13 May 2024.

Thank you and see you on the dark side! :sunglasses:


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