Use self-developed Forge app via Marketplace for free

There is a Forge Custom UI app, published to the Marketplace as a paid app.
As the developers of the app, we would like to use it in our company’s Jira instance for free mainly for test purpose and personal use.

1. Is it possible to use it for free directly from the Marketplace and not via Forge CLI deploy?
2. If it would be a free app, not a paid via Atlassian, could we use it for free? (Independently from the number of users in the Jira instance?)

As a developer of the app its a bit strange to pay the full price then we get back 95 % percent of the money, in the first year. :slight_smile: According to this documentation:

3. Are promo codes can solves this “issue” at least at temporarily?

Thanks for your answer in advance!

Just briefly, option 3 is the approach almost everyone seems to use:

  1. No - the owner of the app can still install the development and staging versions though, only the production environment enforces the licensing (we simply forge register it anew for every developer who requires a personal lifecycle for testing - it’s a pita, but manageable, see also How do you let multiple developers work on the same Forge app? - #4 by sopel)
  2. Yes - free apps are free for everyone, no strings attached
  3. Ever since Cloud app promo codes are now generally available, this seems to be the most flexible solution, and I think the only one for Forge (Connect also offers access tokens) - works well for us
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Thanks for the detailed answer.

  1. As I remember forge register was only good until the first account change in the CLI. We created new apps for each developers.
  2. Yes, this is the best way I think, but I felt a bit “illegal” because it wasn’t documented clearly it is allowed to use.
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