April Community Welcome and Updates

:wave: April is here and, as promised, we’ve got a monthly round-up for the Developer Community!

Firstly, a huge, warm welcome to all the new folks :hugs: . We had 453 new developers join us since March 1! We’re always excited to see more people figuring out how to build on Atlassian. If you’re new, feel free to reply to this topic and introduce yourself. We’d love to hear about who you are what you’re working on.

Badges :purple_heart:

We’ve been doing spring cleaning around here and decided to freshen up badges a bit. In addition to landing some new illustrations on some classics, we’ve added Forge Expert to the line-up. Quite a few folks have already earned Level 1, but no one has gotten to Level 2 yet. Who will be the first?

We’ve also added a couple of new ones to the mix. Is anyone an expert across all Atlassian products and platforms? According to the query we have running for the new Atlassian Expert badge, no one has yet to achieve at least 1 accepted answer in each of the following categories: Jira, Forge, JSM, Bitbucket, Confluence, and Trello. There are a few folks who are so close!

Do you think anyone visits the Developer Community too often? Let’s find out!

A few more badges are in the works! What else should we add? Some ideas we’ve had:

  • Tough Questions: Users who have made a number of posts without responses.
  • Staff Lover: Users who have liked the most Atlassian Staff posts.
  • Loving Lurker: Users who never post but like others’ posts.

Got ideas? Leave them in a reply.

Events :spiral_calendar:

Hold onto your calendars because we have a Developer Event planned for almost every week this month!

Community Highlights :flashlight:

Let’s shine a little spotlight on some of the magic :sparkles: that happened over the past month…

Top Contributors

CDAC is only as good as the folks posting new topics and answering questions. So let us take a second to recognize the individuals on here helping answer questions and contributing to conversations.

The following folks are some of the top first repliers last month:
@iragudo, @sfbehnke, @Taylan, @michal.vrany, @VassilPetkov, @clouless, @sven.schatter, @richard.white, @remie, @danielwester

And we want to give a nod to those Atlassians who hopped on and partook in conversations. Shout out to the following top topic first repliers from Atlassian: @RyanBraganza, @tjoy, @MagdalenaRogulska, @mskrzypkowski.

The Atlassian DX team keeps a close eye on conversations in here, but boy oh boy, do we have a race for the title of top first replier. @ibuchanan swinging for the fences :baseball: with 31. And right on his tail is @dmorrow with 24! Can we start taking bets on who will be in the lead next month?

Top Topics

And now for headliners :newspaper:. We’ve had over 308 topics posted in March. A lot of good things to read. Here are a few of the most viewed topics and most liked posts from March:

That’s it for this wrap-up! If you need a little chuckle, here you go: Atlassian Space Services


@danielwester the race is on! Unfortunately, I think I broke my streak some time after I got my 1 year devotee badge. Is there any way for me to see the streak I’m on @bcook ?

My dream coming true!

That sounds really exciting! Will this get its own separate announcement with more information? :smiley:

Good job guys! :smiley:


Nice post! 453 new devs, I like the sound of that!


Nice to see Ian still doing his old Developer Support job for free. :wink:


Love seeing these types of events that I would otherwise have missed… Keep them coming…

@sven.schatter - oh the race is on…


Here’s the top 3 prizes:


I wasn’t planning on doing an announcement for it. I should really get an events widget somewhere on the top-level community.developer.atlassian.com, huh? :sweat_smile:

This event was a follow-up to the topic that came out of last month’s DX Office Hours. More from me on it here: Who do you want to talk at Atlassian? - #11 by bcook


Oh yeah you for sure should do a separate announcement, otherwise this is going to be missed by many I’m afraid :sweat_smile:

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I mean, are we really going for quantity over quality here? Do I still need to remind you, @sven.schatter and @danielwester that there is currently only one Great Topic on this forum?


Thanks, @rwhitbeck ! This is me doing it the Atlassian way - land and expand :wink:
Or maybe I should start charging @JohnAgan :thinking:

On a more serious note, I always find it fun and rewarding doing this when I get the luxury of free time.


:point_up_2: Thanks for summarizing these upcoming Atlassian Community events! I’ve attended a few lean coffees; lean coffee is a neat way of running a discussion!

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