Introduce Yourself!



All the best for your move into the world of Cloud add-ons, Francesco. I really enjoyed the transition, and hope you will too.


Hi everyone, i am new here, just learinng being thrown in the deepend


Hi Nadeem. We’re all in the deep end with you. Welcome to the pond.



Hi Everyone!

I am Aarron and I am looking to build some cool stuff in the Cloud. I have built some cloud integrations for my day job and want to see if I can carry that work into building solutions for the marketplace and turn it into a side-hustle.

See ya around…



Welcome @aarron.szalacinski! There’s a growing number of developers here who started dancing the side-hustle, and advanced to full-time flamenco. #firstAndLastDanceAnalogy


Lol. Nice. #ISeeWhatYouDidThere



I am Leo from Move Work Forward and we are working on the integration between Slack, Jira, Confluence, Github and other services as part of

Give it a try and let us know your feedback.



Hello there,

I am Sami Shaik from Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I am a crazy fan of Atlassian and working as a Atlassian Administrator since 8 Years. I have seen so many things changes fast in Atlassian tools, how JIRA was in early 2010 and now how it place the mark in the technology industries. Great work by Atlassian and team.

Glad to be working on Atlassian Products.

Best Regards,
Sami Ahmed Shaik.


Welcome to the community.