Marketplace Approval

Hi Nar Kumar, I have granted you access to the ticket.

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Looks like this was approved by me.

Hey @adam.labus, Welcome to the community!

I checked your ticket, looks like it was approved.

Good Luck!

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Hi @ayarazarvi!
I am in a similar situation to the posters above - my ticket has been pending approval for 3 weeks now without any response :frowning: Here’s the link:


Hey @BartomiejStyczyski,

Welcome to the Ecosystem! Apologies for the delay in publishing your app. I will pick it up tomorrow.


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Sounds good to me! Thank you very much!

I published my first app several days ago and is still pending approval. I cannot access ticket created by marketplace.
My ticket is:

Hi @ayarazarvi,
I submitted an app version for Jira Server last week but uploaded a wrong jar file by mistake there.
Today, I have submitted a new proper version but the Plugin Checker BOT created a new ticket for that version resulting in a double wait time :frowning:. And I cannot cancel the previous request or update/make the previous version private as it is in a read-only mode.

Could you please help there?

Previous request:
New request:

Really appreciate any help!

Hey @adapps,

Welcome to the ecosystem!

You should now have access to the ticket. Please note that it will a few days to get to your submission.

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Hi @OlehVasyliv,

I have rejected the faulty version, we will pick up [AMKTHELP-23474] as soon as possible, early next week. (

Thanks @ayarazarvi for your help! :+1:

I confirm that an incorrect version is displayed as rejected and the previous ticket is closed now.

Looking forward to the update on the new ticket!


Hi @ayarazarvi

I have submitted my first plugin a week ago and its waiting for approval. Could you please check the status of the approval?

I couldn’t access the ticket as well

Thirunavukkarasu R

Hey @ayarazarvi

Could you please check if anyone took a look at yet?

As it is already Friday and I saw no updates on the ticket.

So posting it here to make sure the ticket did not fall through the cracks.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @ayarazarvi,

Our app is in your queue since 4 weeks ago… AMKTHELP-23143.
I understand you might be swamped, but it would be great if someone could provide a bit of visibility on this.

This is an app that was already on the marketplace (it was free and now it became paid, hence the approval process). But now our customers don’t understand why we don’t provide a version compatible with Jira 8.9. This long waiting time reflects bad on our business.

Hope someone could provide a bit of visibility so at least we’d know what to realistically expect.


Hi @ayarazarvi,
Would you please help us on 3 tickets: (25days) (16days) (13days)

Thank you very much!

Dear @toshihiro,

Above linked tickets seem to be handled. Please let me know if you need further assistance.


Dear @ayarazarvi,
Thank you very much!
Have a nice week ahead!

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At least, some information would be nice:

Hi Adrian, this should be approved shortly

Hi @ayarazarvi,

I would appreciate if you or your team could be able to take a look at as the ticket is pending review for more than 2 weeks.

Thank you for your support!