Marketplace Approval

Hi @ayarazarvi

could you take a look at my ticket? It’s also stuck:

The DC listing has no difference with Server listing whatsoever. DCHELP ticket already approved 2 weeks ago.

Hi @ayarazarvi,

it has been over three weeks since we submitted our Cloud Plugin. So far we have recieved no replies on our approval ticket. We understand that the approval takes time. However, it would be great if there would be any information on the status of approval tickets visible to marketplace partners (e.g. current position in the queue). Especially since it appears there has been an issue with approval times for years now.

We would appreciate if you could take a look at our ticket:

Thank you in advance!



I’m still in the queue for an app submitted almost 6 weeks ago (17th July).

Hi Team, We are working hard to process these at the earliest, we understand your frustration and are thankful for your patience, please refer to this thread:
we are taking steps to address these issues and are hopeful of providing better support.

Thanks & Regards,

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Hi @ayarazarvi ! We have submitted an app for review around three weeks ago and can’t even access our ticket to monitor the status (
We have also created one more ticket regarding the access issue but haven’t gotten any response there either.
It would be nice if we could at least get access to our initial ticket that was created automatically when the app was submitted. While we are waiting for the approval :slight_smile:


Hi @ayarazarvi @dparrish, We have tickets in the queue for long time (21 days) ( 16 days)

Commented on the ticket and also created another ticket to request for status but no response. Could you help to look at it or ping marketplace support team?


Hi @ayarazarvi,

I cannot access the link because the page behind the link does not exist or is private.

Best regards

Hi @ayarazarvi, has also been waiting for approval for 26 days, if you could get it looked at please,



Our ticket is in the queue for 27 days, asking for the status but in vain.

Hi @ayarazarvi,

we opened a request for free cloud license AMKTHELP-24943 (28th July, 5 weeks ago) with a marketplace approval the same day. We got the approval yesterday, but still waiting for the license.
Can you help as with that, too?
Thank you!

Dear @ayarazarvi,
Our ticket has been waiting for approval for 33 days:
Would you please help us to take a look?
Thank you!

I have similar issues like others here with this:
I plan to replace my combined Gantt Chart and Timesheet to only Timesheet version for my Atlassian Merketplace clients. For good reason.


Could you also please look at:


43 days:
42 days:

Surprisingly an app I submitted 5 days after those two, was just approved 2 days ago. So is there actually a chronological queue or not? Dun dun duuuun.

Anyway much empathy for the support team still swamped by these tickets. Something as tiny as a “your place in queue” number would surely massively reduce inbound and uncertainty.


Hi @ayarazarvi,
Could you please take a look at the request

It’s been 40 days now and we are really looking forward to some news.

Thanks so much for your time.


If you get some time @ayarazarvi could you ask someone to pick up its been in new status for 4 weeks.



I hope you are doing great. @ayarazarvi we have submitted a request 1 week ago to do some changes for the version we wanted to submit to marketplace (version number and compatibility change), and in order to not get delayed because of the process (I understand that there are multiple requests), we have submitted today the current version for review, but I will appreciate if we can apply these changes from this ticket first:

before the ticket:

gets approved!

It will be great if you can help someone to pick up them together.

Thank you!

Best regards,

Dear @ayarazarvi

I hope you had a good start into 2021. Would you mind having a look at

We are waiting for this one over a month now.

Thank you


Hi @ayarazarvi,

I will appreciate it if you could take a look at this ticket:

I am waiting for approval for about a month.


Dear @ayarazarvi,

could you please look into the following ticket

We’ve been waiting for a bit over three weeks now. We provided all required information and would really appreciate a status update.

Many thanks