Marketplace Approval

Hey @JonasKaendler, I will reach out to my colleagues who are handling this ticket.

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Thank you very much @ayarazarvi for your fast reply and help. Highly appreciated!

Hi @ayarazarvi,
Our application now in “pending Marketplace approval” status, but there is no ticket for this. The original ticket is in status AWAITING RESUBMISSION, and it was created over two weeks ago.

The application was originally rejected because of the absence of a support portal link(we’re switching from free to paid). We applied for free cloud licenses of JSD(, but we were rejected because we have to have at least one paid app, but we can not make our app paid because we need a support portal link ) It looks like an infinite loop )

Could you help, please?

Hey @AntonVersal , you can activate trials for confluence/jsd/jsw and use those links in the app submission, once the app is approved, you can create a free license ticket. Hope this helps.

Your new app review ticket is : AMKTHELP-30085 ( I have added you as a reporter )


Thank you very much for the speedy resolution!

@ayarazarvi , hi!
I have submitted my plugin a week ago and its waiting for approval. Could you please check the status of the approval?
I haven’t access(

Hi @Anastasia Could you please confirm if you can now access the ticket?

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Hm, status is new. There are no changes so far. But thanks anyway


we have an app in the approval process and can not access the assigned ticket:

Is there anything special we missed to be able to access the ticket?

@ayarazarvi Maybe you can help?

Anyone have tips on getting past the “Automatic Rejection” phase? We have quite meticulously filled out all the pertinent sections, with good descriptions of our app, but still get “Automatic Rejection - Not enough details on listing”. Is this related to a particular field, or some overall word count across different fields, or…?

I have submitted my plugin two weeks ago, but i lost the link and i dont know how to get it back. So i have submitted another one ticket below

@ayarazarvi, could you please check if the ticket is correctly filled?